10 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Angkor Wat

  1. Do your research so you are familiar with the basic history of Angkor Wat. This will help you appreciate it more when you see it in person and free up more time to learn about it in-depth.


  1. Be prepared to walk–A LOT. The complex is very vast and a lot of the temples and sights are relatively far apart from each other (and may require a little bit of climbing), so don’t forget to wear your sneakers!
  1. Bring a lot of water.It can get very hot and humid, especially from April through May, and you’ll want to stay hydrated during all of the walking and trekking.


  1. The best time to visit is before sunrise, which means you should aim to be there around 5 a.m. Many travelers have said that this is the most opportune time to explore the temples, as watching the sunrise is an indescribable experience–it’s also an ideal time for picture taking. Also, you’ll be avoiding the tourist rush and will therefore get the chance to fully enjoy the serenity of the temples.


  1. If you’re going during the hottest months, definitely visit the temples before 11 a.m.Temperatures can reach a staggering 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the middle of the day.


  1. Don’t miss the reflection of the main temple from the water at sunset–the color of the sky is one you won’t be able to rid your mind of for years to come.
  1. Plan which temples you want to see ahead of time and buy a pass for at least three days to save you a lot of time and stress. Many travelers have noted that three days is enough time to explore the complex, and tickets for entry into the temple are valid for a full week and can be used on any of that week’s three consecutive days.


  1. Bring an umbrella when you’re walking around the complex to help block some of the harsh sunrays.


  1. Book a hotel that has a pool. You won’t regret if after a full–and oftentimes hot–day of sight seeing!


  1. January brings some of the best weather. If it’s possible, try to book your trip for this month.



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