Walk in the footsteps of Buddhist monks as you explore ancient temples, study Buddhist philosophy, and find the present through guided meditation practice. Our Dharma Meditation experiences are multi-day escapes designed to give you the chance to unwind and reflect. Spend your days discussing the principles of Buddhism and practicing meditation among temple ruins, and your evenings sharing dinners and conversation with your fellow travelers. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current practice or explore something totally new, our Dharma Meditation experiences will transform you.

Beng Mealea Dharma Introduction

Built somewhere in the mid 12th century, Beng Melea uniquely integrates Buddhism and

Beng Mealea Dharma Meditation Experience

If you want to get in touch you’re gonna have to get away

Koh Ker Dharma Meditation Experience

Explore Cambodia’s ancient and overgrown temples while learning the basics of ancient Angkor

Preah Vihear Dharma Meditation Experience

Walk in the footsteps of the monks, through fields and up mountains, with